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Nimbus Drip Atomizer

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Nimbus Drip Atomizer
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NIMBUS Features
The "Spit Back Protection" does the following: as the name suggests, it protects you from the irritating spitbacks you get when your dripper gets "flooded" by your ejuice. it also serves as a "Flavor Booster" because of the hole size inside the driptip hole. It concentrates the vapor from the wick to your taste buds or mouth so that you taste your juice better.
NIMBUS is the ONLY Filipino Made Atomizer that has a Spit Back protection
The NIMBUS Atomizer has TWO insulators (another first here in the Philippines). The one on top is a soft insulator, this one serves as a warning about how you treat your NIMBUS, if it gets bloated you're it means you're torching your NIMBUS directly straight into the insulator(i know it sounds stupid, but a lot of people to this.) The other insulator on the bottom part is made of PA66 it's high heat resistance and placement makes it near impossible to destroy (not unless you're really trying to destroy it).
The Juice Well is a nice thing to add specially for some "Over Droppers" out there. With this, the excess juice that falls from your wick will stay below it and when it's time to the wick will absorb the excess juice too...so NO WASTED JUICE from your atty now
The Three Poles of the NIMBUS RA makes Dual Coil or even QUAD Coil builds easier to make. Oh and the holes in the poles makes rebuilding your wicks easier too!
Customer Reviews
Rating Nimbus Atomizer
Need some extra flavor and production of vape? This atomizer will definitely exceed expectations with the excellence of performance. Set mine up with some 3mm silica wick and 28g kanthal wire. OHMs are at .7 which seems to be the sweet spot. But a couple there worth it, excellent craftsmanship, not a single flaw.
  Reviewed by:   from Orangevale Ca. on 8/22/2013
Rating Nice Atty
I'm using this atty on the Provari v2 set to 4.5v. I drilled out 1 of two holes with a 3/64 bit. This atty rips! Posts are nice, 3 post with center holes for the kanthal wire. Nice connection and threads are snug. Can't go wrong with this atty, if out of your price range I recommend getting the AGI duel RBA. This atty does not come with any spare o-rings or screws unlike the AGI which has o-rings,screws, Allan screw and and Allan wrench.
  Reviewed by:   from Boston,MA. on 6/17/2013
Rating Groovy RDA
I love this atty for the .8 mm air holes. I already own the Trident for the theatrical clouds. I wanted something with less of a lung hit. Both RDA's are winners in my book. The Nimbus looks very classy, and is built very nice. Vapor, TH, Nic delivery, and Flavor are outstanding. The price is fair, considering shipping costs an arm and a leg if you buy overseas. I'm very glad to see quality vape equipment here in the states now. Thanks much Vapor Labs. I will be back, and let the vapor community know about this awesome site :) Jim
  Reviewed by:   from Florida Keys. on 6/14/2013
Rating Holy clouds batman
I changed the stock hole to 5/64 and it quadrupled the vapor output taste good also this is a hard hitting atomizer for sure buy this you will not be disappointed and there shipping is super fast California to Michigan in 3 days 5star company for sure
  Reviewed by:   from Michigan. on 6/12/2013
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